We Happily Update Manuscripts We Have Previously Formatted. Here's How It Works:

We charge a flat rate of $10 per e-book file and $20 per print file for manuscripts which require less than ten minor changes (replacing or adding a word, correcting a typo etc.) Please follow these steps.



1) Fill out the order form below

 Please provide us with the un-edited/un-altered .epub file we previously formatted for you. You can upload the file using our form. We begin updating your manuscript once your invoice is paid.

2) Send us an email. Within the body of the email include your changes, following this format:

  1. Indicate the chapter number of each change. 
  2. Provide the text of the sentence you would like edited and the required revision. For example:

Chapter four:

Current text: The forest was dark and dense.

Correction: The forest was dark and dreary.

Note: In making your corrections we search by chapter and then by text. It is important that you include the requested information in the above format.

Do you require more extensive updates?

Please order a new formatting package for books which require more than ten minor updates: Order here

Fill out my online form.